How We Started

"Made in Fort Worth, Texas"

I am a living example of a young woman who was lost but was transformed when I discovered my purpose. When I began to Live With Purpose my whole life changed. Now I have a reason to wake up everyday and give each day everything that I have, because my purpose is bigger than me.

I originally started LWP, as a true testimonial story of being a student athlete at Texas A&M.

It all began my freshman year of college in 2012. I was a highly recruited athlete coming out of high school ranked in the Top 50 nationally , but when I arrived at Texas A&M my first two years I spent a lot of time on the bench. I went from a star to a bench warmer. I began to battle with depression, anxiety, and lost identity. I realized I didn't know who I was outside of my sport. My whole life I let basketball define me, so not playing led to me feeling worthless. My junior year I had a life shifting moment , God spoke to me and said your purpose is bigger than just basketball. Basketball is just a tool. I did not understand at the time but from that moment on I started to operate out of purpose.

I ended up graduating from Texas A&M becoming the First Black Female Athlete to graduate from The College of Architecture alongside winning many athletic awards such as SEC Sixth Woman of The Year. When I started to Live With Purpose my whole life changed and I knew I wanted to share that with the world but I didn't know how.

So concluding my college career, I started wearing my own hats with purpose across the front, people would always stop me, ask about it and then want to purchase one for themselves. This allowed me to genuinely connect with people and share my story. I have always been creative, so one day sitting in my apartment I thought what if I start a brand to encourage people to Live With Purpose. So that is where my story began as an Entrepreneur.


-Chelsea Jennings